Therapeutic Self Healing Poems

A few years ago writing self healing poems became my savior. I was a complete emotional wreck. I had several life altering events hit me all at once. With my mind in a fog and unable to focus on a single thought for more than five seconds, I began writing.

I wrote from the heart everything I was feeling. I found writing helps bring forth deep emotions of pain, sorrow, guilt, blame, etc. Putting words on paper allows your heart to pour out healing tears and transform them into smiles of hope. With continued writing these smiles are then transformed into healing laughter and a sense of higher self awareness.

My healing came in the form of self healing poems, writings, and affirmations but it doesn't have to come in a specific way. The simple act of writing helps the mind absorb and transform the anguish brought on by life altering events such as divorce, job loss, disease, etc. into healing energy.

Recent studies indicate writing about emotional topics result in an increase in germ fighting lymphocytes and a decrease in stress levels, anxiety, and depression. This offers insight into why an individual going through a similar event as another individual who writes recovers much quicker than the individual who does not write.

Writing self healing poems helped pull my children and I through difficult times and necessary changes needed to improve the quality of our lives. It has brought to me a better understanding of myself, love, compassion, spirituality, and life in general.

I had acquired a desire to share my writings in hopes to help anyone who reads them connect with the most important person in one's life. Oneself.... I gathered all the self-healing poems, writings, and affirmations along with some suggestions and compiled them into a self-help manuscript and sent them off to a publisher. To my surprise, they accepted. Information meant to be shared I guess.

You too can turn your past experiences into a book. Click Here to Discover How to Become a Published Writer or Click Here to Discover How to Become a Childrens Book Author. Once you've gotten yourself through the healing process , things begin to really open up for you. The possibilities are endless. Go for it. To get you started on your healing journey through writing, try this creative writing exercise.

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