Poetry for Healing a Relationship

Healing a Relationship through Poetry

Ultimate Sin

I am searching for the truth.

A truth I know lies within myself.

A truth as to why I allow myself to be victimized again and again.

Why do I make excuses for people that cause me pain?

If I didn't allow this, would there be more from life for me to gain?

I'm searching for an answer while I sit here alone with my thoughts.

Searching and hoping I don't get eternally lost.

The answer to my question I know lies within.

Why do I keep committing the ultimate sin?

It's the not loving myself I'm speaking of.

If I continue on this path, I will never gain the serenity, the peace,

the spiritual love.

I cannot abandon myself because of the disrupting

effects of alcohol.

No, I cannot abandon myself, I must hear the call.

If I don't do this I will become eternally lost and in an empty place.

I will forget who I am, the connection with my spiritual face.

I have lived with alcoholism my entire life.

I'm living through it now as my husband's wife.

This has been my choice, due to my own repression.

But now the time has come for me to take the lesson.

I have to stop making things all right.

I must leave him alone to fight his own fight.

By taking on his inner turmoil as my very own,

It is I who will be left feeling empty and alone.

To truly love this man is to love myself and not let this happen.

To be there for nothing more than his support and compassion.

No more excuses, no stuffing my own feelings, no lack of

consideration for myself to keep the peace, and most essential,

no asking him to do it for me and the kids.

For I now know, that in overcoming for himself and himself

alone, is where his true salvation is.

As you can see, this poem is more about healing a relationship with yourself than anything else. We must always have love, respect, and consideration for ourselves and not become lost in our fears, insecurities, etc.

Healing a Relationship Poem Titled:

Changing Voice

A twenty-year marriage with him in control.

Twenty years of giving up my goals.

Twenty years of only him having a choice.

Twenty years of not having a voice.

There were many times of cheating and lies.

I would just accept this even though I could see the truth in his eyes.

Many days of tip toeing around.

I guess, without realizing it, I was afraid to make a sound.

There were few times I stood up for myself in an effort to care about me.

When I did, it was violence I would see.

Busted glass, an upside down table, and a hole in the wall.

I couldn't take this, so, up went the barrier strong and tall.

I never wanted the kids to see his anger full blown.

So, I bottled all the emotions and kept them as my own.

I have grown weak and tired.

I can't help feeling my path had been misfired.

My children and I deserve better than this.

Although, their father, I'm sure they will miss.

The time has come to leave it all behind.

Time to take down the barriers and have faith in the

buried person I will come to find.

I'm sure there will be difficult changes that come with making this choice.

I'm sure it will be worth it for us to finally have a voice.

Again, this is a poem about healing a relationship with yourself. It is about self empowerment. Ladies, if you are living like this, please know that you have what it takes to take back your power.Healing a relationship with the self is the most valuable thing one can do for themselves. It opens new doors and the new roads you begin to walk shows promise.

A Letter To My Enabler

I was there for you for so many years.

I gave you a lot of blood, sweat, and tears.

I was your strength, your support, your courage, your backbone.

I adapted to your every need.

When the time came that I needed a little support, you were weak.

You couldn't handle it.

You pushed me away.

You became more stubborn, resentful, and hurtful.

I was needing now, not able to help keep your issues at bay.

Even when you were there, I was alone.

Alone, waiting, wanting, needing you to hold me, talk to me, care for me.

The only needs important to you were your own.

But, over time, I've realized I've grown.

It's time I stop living your life and start my own.

So thank you for the many lessons you've thrown my way.

Now, I'm my own enabler living my own life day to day.

This particular healing a relationship poem starts off with feeling the aggression from the situation but evolves into seeing why this relationship had to happen. It shows that the many things we go through is for our own learning, healing, and growth. We have to allow ourselves to feel the harshness of a situation in order to transcend it into a healthier perspective. It is my sincere hope that in sharing some of these deeply personal life situations somewhere, some how helps another individual in their process of healing.

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