Intuitive Spiritual Healing through Art

The act of creating art is not only beneficial to the mind and body. Art is a form of intuitive spiritual healing. It offers insight into ourselves. We express through art by connecting to an inner creative energy that is in essence, our spirit.

How is art intuitive spiritual healing?

Our spirit is fully aware of our deep rooted emotions and desires, both conscious and unconscious. When we intuitively connect to that creative source(spirit) those emotions and desires are expressed outwardly on paper for us to interpret.

When we create drawings, paintings, etc. during difficult times (such as when a child is facing his/her family breaking up) it gives us insight or tells us a story as to how we are feeling about the circumstance. It helps progress us from unconscious distress to the conscious level where we can begin to heal.

The correlation between mental health and physical health has been well documented. Art has been used in the healing process to relieve stress and develop coping mechanisms in an effort to treat both physical and mental conditions. Healing with art has had great success in helping people with conditions such as cancer , lupus, aids, etc.

Please understand we all express in our own way. So don't get upset if you don't create what looks like a masterpiece. It's ok. It's your masterpiece. Art is about expressing your individual self for intuitive spiritual healing. It doesn't matter if you just start scribbling and come up with what looks like a black hole. It's your black hole. Who knows, maybe that's what you're feeling at the time. Like a big, black, empty hole. But, I can just about bet as you move past the surface stuff and delve deeper and deeper into that creative energy, what your spirit is truly trying to tell you will be revealed. It is after all, intuitive spiritual healing.

I find healing with art to be very calming and relaxing, almost meditative. However, if you feel you would like to try something else, go for it. You can express and heal through writing, crafts, music, dance photography, scrapbooking, quilting, knitting & crocheting, jewelry & beading, etc. Find what best works for you. But whatever you decide, keep expressing. LACK OF EXPRESSION IS A COMPROMISING OF THE SELF.

Let yourself flow. Be free. Express. LA, la, la, LA, la, la. Uooh, repeat that again. Feels good huh. Flow like that when you're painting or drawing. No need to be uptight with it. Grab some Art Materials or See What's Hot in Scrapbooking, Quilting, Knitting, etc and just have fun.

Art is an expression of yourself. As I mentioned earlier, it can be extremely healing and doesn't have to look picture perfect to be just that, HEALING. However, if you feel you would like to further develop that creative part of yourself, try visiting

oil painting techniques to help you do so. Remember, the most important thing is to have fun, enjoy, and experience all the many benefits art has to offer.

If you would like further information on the benefits of healing through art, just click on this benefits of art therapy link. I'm sure you will find the information to be enlightening. Happy reading.

Are you looking for an art therapist or would like to become an art therapist yourself? If so, visit this art therapy website to obtain the information required to do so. Enjoy your journey through the pages.

Let me also mention it is not just the act of creating art that is beneficial to the healing process. Healing also comes from the vibration of the colors within the artwork itself. For more information on the benefits of color in your life, please follow this color therapy link. You will find this page to be very informational and INTERESTING. AND, there is a link on this page to a personality color test that is also interesting and FUN. Enjoy!!!

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