Building Self Esteem through Affirmation

An affirmation is a form of autosuggestion in which a statement of a desirable intention, condition, or outcome is deliberately meditated on and/or repeated in order to implant it in the mind. They are a powerful means of reprogramming the unconscious mind.

Affirmations are most effective when repeated in a
quiet and restful state of mind and body as this is
the time when the desired outcome is vividly
in one's mind and resulting emotions
are felt. I strongly recommend reciting them
with mental visualization of a desired outcome. When
done in this way, it quickens our acceptance of the

Affirmations can help in building self esteem, increase confidence, conquering life long fears, eradicate disease and infections from the body, improve eyesight, and more. It is dependent on the affirmation itself and the intention being held in the mind.

They should always be written "I am" verses "I will". For example, I am successful verses I will be successful. If written "I will be successful", you could be waiting a long time for the desired outcome. NOT GOOD!

The more they are repeated and practised, the more powerful they are. Heck, why not read them out loud to yourself several times a day. Stick one on your bathroom mirror, in your car, at your desk, and so on. The more the better.


Not seeing yourself as the beautiful person you are? Ok, write down this simple affirmation, "I AM BEAUTIFUL". Repeat it several times a day and before you know it, You will be reprogrammed to see and feel your own god given beauty.

Do you have a disease or illness? How about "EVERY DAY IN EVERY WAY, I GET BETTER AND BETTER" or "I AM A HEALTHY BEING". You can get more specific if you have a specific Ailment you are concerned about. For example, "I am drug free" or I am cancer free".

The following affirmation came to me from a dear friend of mine. I call her my spiritual mother. She is a wonderful and wise individual. It reads as follows, "DIVINE LOVE MOVING IN AND THROUGH ME, BLESSES AND MULTIPLIES ALL THAT I GIVE AND ALL THAT I RECEIVE". She also suggested that I hold my check book in my hands while reciting it. Ha, funny huh. I have however had it work for me. It's amazing what you can attract to yourself when holding the right intention and thought patterns.

Do you know what the most often and well known affirmation is? Yep you guessed it. The word "Amen" which can be translated as simply "So be it" or "and so it is" affirming the truth of whatever was written or said immediately prior. Interesting huh.

Alrighty then, I would like to now suggest that you write a few of your own to suit your specific needs. They do not have to be long drawn out phrases. Simple one liners will do. Remember to repeat them out loud as often as possible and visualize the desired outcome if possible. Good luck and happy healing.

Get creative with your affirmations. After all, taping that inner creativity is healing as well.

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