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Below are links to information on Alternative Health Natural Healing modalities with well documented success rates for improving overall
health and well-being.

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Alternative Health - Natural Healing

Color Therapy
Color carries with it vibration. When
this vibration resonates with our body's
vibrational current it can elicit a strong
pschological response. It has a direct
affect on our deep emotions and can bring
forth feelings of joy, happiness, tranquility,
etc. therefore is extremely healing.

Art Therapy
Art therapy allows us to visualize and then
create the thoughts and emotions that we can't seem
to express verbally. The artwork can then be viewed
and interpreted for its meaning giving us some level
of insight into our feelings allowing us to work
through the issues in a constructive manner. Read full
article to discover all the benefits art therapy has to

Breathwork Techniques
Breathing strongly influences the mind, body,
and moods. By simply putting your attention
on breathing without even doing anything to
change it moves you in the direction of relaxation.
This is an interesting article that is a must read.

Guided Imagery
Guided imagery can help in the processing of
bottled emotions, relieve chronic pain, addictions,
persistent infections, heart disease, IBS,
hypertension, shrink turmor growths, and even
serious degerative illness such as cancer and
AIDS have shown a positive response.
Another great alternative health natural healing

Meditation Techniques
The practice of meditation is not about suppressing
thought, but surpassing it. One way to do
this is by focusing on or counting your breaths.
Meditation is an alternative health natural healing
method that can be beneficial for everyone.

Native American Healing
Learn the benefits of Native American Healing
through drumming. It is said that the sound of
the drum is the tuning of the soul.
Read this article to discover the fancinating details.

Healing Power of Affirmation
Affirmations can help in building self esteem,
increase confidence, conquering life long fears,
eradicate disease and infections from the body,
improve eyesight, and more. A must read.

Write to Heal
Putting words on paper allows your heart to pour
out healing tears and transform them into smiles
of hope.
Writing is a good alternative health
natural healing modality. Give this writing exercise
a try to begin your healing journey.

Healing through Scrapbooking
Scrapbooking is another means of self expression
that holds with it a unique theraputic healing
Scrapbooking can be very relaxing, can
ignite, energize, and inspire the imagination, can
build self esteem, and helps ease the pain that comes
with grieving for the loss of a loved one.

The Real Picture of Photography
Studies have shown photography to be benefical
in healing chonic illness and disease as well. If
you photograph something that makes you happy, it
brings joy and peace into your life elevating your
mood. Read more to discover the full benefits.

Consciously Listening to Relaxation Music
Consciously listening to inspirational or relaxation
music and allowing the tones or words to enter into
your soul can and will touch your need. An
interesting and informative article.

Crystal Formation
The earth began as a whirling cloud of gas that
created a dense dust bowl. This contracted into
a white, hot, molten ball. Over eons, a thin layer
of this molten material, magma cooled into the crust
we call the earth's mantle. Inside the crust, the hot,
mineral rich, molten magma continues to boil and bubble
creating new crystal formations.

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