The Healing Power of Crystals

There is a certain healing power of crystals that is very unique and special. They are powerful beings in their own right just as we are. If we approach them with respect, they will show us how to use them to enhance our life and well being.

Crystals have been used for millennia to heal and bring balance. They work through resonance and vibration and are efficient absorbers and transmitters of energy. One of their many functions is to cleanse and transmute negative energies. 

Crystals also have the ability to focus sound and light vibrations into a concentrated ray which is then applied for healing. For instance, if you rotate a crystal wand on the skin causing compression, a focused beam is released to the organ beneath. Crystals are used in many alternative healing modalities such as Reiki simply because they are beneficial for healing and balancing.

This is the reason the medical field uses crystals in ultrasound machines. The property of the crystal is harnessed in the ultrasound machine to produce a tightly focused sound wave that can cauterize wounds deep within the body and blast tumors apart helping to eliminate the need for invasive procedures.

Right now, you may be asking yourself, how does using crystals alone without the fancy ultrasound equipment benefit me? Hopefully I can find the proper words to explain. Its like this. Crystals work on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels of our being.

We have within our bodies energy centers called chakras that regulate the body's vibrational stasis. If we become overly stressed, emotional, etc. our vibrational stasis becomes out of balance. Crystals help realign these subtle energies bringing the chakras back into balance. In doing so, many states of physical and psychological disease can be improved.

You see, our bodies resonate at the same frequency as earth as do crystals. So, when our chakras are out of balance and we place a healing stone that has an unchanged internal frequency upon our body , its energy aligns with our out of balance energy and brings it back to a balanced state.

To better understand the resonance and vibration of crystals, let me just explain a little bit about the formation of crystals and how they came into existance. Crystals were created as the earth formed and have continued to metamorphose as the planet itself changed.

Crystals are the earth's DNA, a chemical imprint for evolution. They are miniature storehouses containing the records of the earth's development over millions of years and bear within them a permanant memory of the powerful forces that shaped it.

Some crystals have been subjected to enormous pressure, others grew in chambers deep underground, some were laid down in layers, and others dripped into being-all of which affects their properties and the way they function. But, whatever form they take, their crystalline structure can absorb, focus, and emit energy.

The external shape and form of a crystal is an outward expression of its internal order. The internal structure of any crystalline formation is constant and unchanging. At the heart of a crystal is the dynamic atom consisting of particles rotating around a center constantly in motion vibrating at a certain frequency. This is what gives a crystal its energy.

The healing power of crystals comes from the energy held within it that resonates with our own bringing about balance and healing.

If you would like to read more about how crystals are formed, how to care for them, or how to select the right one for you, click on this crystal formation link.

If interested in experiencing the healing power of crystals through wearing a piece of crystal jewelry or purchasing a healing stone please feel free to follow this link to crystals and jewelry.

To learn about the healing attributes of a particular stone, just click on the link of the stone you are interested in below.

Amazonite & Amber
Amethyst & Angelite
Apophyllite & Aquamarine
Aventurine, Azurite, & Azeztulite
Bloodstone & Boji Stone
Carnelian, Celestite, & Cerussite
Chalcedony,Charoite, & Chrysanthemum
Chrysocolla, Chrysoprase, & Cinnabar
Citrine & Danburite
Diamond, Dioptase, & Emerald

If you are looking for information on a crystal that has not been listed as of yet, please feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to provide you with the information you are looking for.

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