Bloodstone Crystal and Boji Stone Crystal Healing Attributes

Bloodstone Crystal

Appearance-Green quartz flecked with red or yellow jasper

 photo 047.jpg

Attributes-Bloodstone is an excellent blood cleanser and a powerful healer. Bloodstone is believed to have mystical and magical properties. It is believed to have the ability to control the weather, banish evil and negativity, and to direct spiritual energies. In ancient times, Bloodstone was said to give off sounds as a means of guidance. Bloodstone crystal heightens intuition, increases creativity, is an excellent grounding and protecting stone, keeps out undesirable influences, stimulates dreaming, and is a powerful revitalizer. On a psychological level, Bloodstone gives courage, teaches how to avoid dangerous situations, encourages selflessness and idealism, aids the recognition that chaos precedes transformation, and assists in acting in the present moment. A Bloodstone crystal has the ability to calm the mind, dispel confusion, enhance the decision making process, revitalize a mentally exhausted mind, assists in adjusting to new circumstances, and reduces irritability, aggressiveness, and impatience. Spiritually a Bloodstone crystal assists in bringing spirituality into everyday life and helps in grounding heart energy.

Healing-Bloodstone is an energy cleanser and immune stimulator for acute infections. It stimulates the flow of lymph and the metabolic process, revitalizes and reenergizes an exhausted body and mind, purifies the blood, detoxifies the liver, intestines, kidneys, spleen, and bladder. Bloodstone crystal benefits blood rich organs, regulates and supports blood flow, aids the circulation, reduces the formation of pus, neutalizes acidity, shrinks tumors, removes toxins, and cleanses and realigns the lower chakras.

Boji Stone Crystal
Color-Brownish, some blue

Appearance-Metallic looking, smooth (female) or with square protrusions (male)

 photo 048.jpg

Attributes-Boji Stones are one of the most effective grounding stones. They ground you in the present gently but firmly. They are powerful protectors and very useful for overcoming blockages. The smooth stones have feminine energy and the protruded ones have masculine energy. Used as a pair, they will balance the male-female energy within the body and align the chakras and subtle bodies. A Boji Stone has a strong connection with the earth and are beneficial to plants and crops but may disintegrate if left in the ground or exposed to the weather. Boji Stones clear blocked emotions and heal hurtful memories, reveal negative thought patterns and self defeating behaviors for transformation, dissolve blockages in the subtle bodies, and stimulate the flow of energy through the meridian systems of the body.

Healing-Boji Stones heal energy blockages, relieve pain, and encourage tissue regeneration. They are extremely beneficial when one's energy is low and have the ability to realign the chakras and repair and reenergize holes in the auric body. These stones hold a high spiritual vibration but are grounding at the same time which makes them great for taking out of body journeys as they facilitate traveling and guard the body until the soul returns.

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