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Through my personal experience, I feel I can help validate for you the legitimacy of music and sound healing or as most refer to it, music therapy. Music literally saved the lives of my two children.

Several years ago, a mothers' worse nightmare had become a reality for me. An unsuspecting family member had sexually abused my two boys. The pain, fear, anxiety, and anger amongst others became almost unbearable for them. There aren't enough words to convey to you the pure hell I was watching them go through. So, I won't even go there.

On an emotional roller coaster myself and unknowing which direction to go in to best help them, I did what I had been taught to do. I entered them into a counseling program that as it turned out, only appeared to scratch the surface. I realized that sometimes it is very difficult for children to communicate their emotions especially to someone they view as an outsider. This is especially true in the case of sexual abuse, as they may have developed a sense of distrust and vulnerability.

The Natural Healing Companion
It became obvious to me my boys were in need of an alternative method that would allow them to express their emotions without feeling vulnerable. Both my children absolutely loved music and were interested in learning to play a musical instrument. My oldest son began playing guitar while my youngest seemed to better connect with the drums. Over time, they began writing, composing, and singing their own music.

Music became their unique voice. It became their outlet for communicating and releasing deeply embedded emotions. Music enabled them to take that "I just want to give up" energy and focus it onto something that made them feel alive. Of course, they have not totally healed from such a traumatic experience. They have however, come along way in the healing process with each passing day showing evidence of continued improvement. I thank god everyday for the positive affect music and sound healing has had on my children.

How does music therapy work?
A neuroscientist at Dartmouth College found that a region just behind the forehead called the rostromedial prefrontal cortex responded according to specific keys in a melody. The interesting factor here is this region is linked to memory and emotions. Melody appears to act on the brains emotional core, the limbic system which moves us into feelings of joy, awe, peace, fear, and sadness. Music with rapid tempos in major keys correlates with happiness while slow tempos and minor keys trigger melancholy.

According to the director of music therapy at the University of Cleveland in Ohio, a single, 30 minute music and sound healing session boosts immune function and increases salivary IGA (an immunoglobulin). This is not the only university showing tremendous music and sound healing benefits. There are now more that 70 colleges and universities offering degree programs approved by the American Music Therapy Association, and over 3,800 board certified music therapists in the U.S.

Music and sound healing by means of singing, chanting, and vocal prayer all contain the power of vibration. The vibration that accompanies singing affects the systems that run our bodies. The auditory system affects every muscle in our body and interacts with the cranial nerves that send information to and from the brain. It is clear to see how singing and chanting can charge the brain cells, lower blood pressure, balance heart rhythm, induce relaxation, and elevate the mood. Above all, music and sound healing assists us in opening up and going beyond our ego boundries helping us feel more aware and complete.

You too can sing, chant, or drum yourself to health, self awareness, or call forth peace and love. You can get a music therapist to guide you or get your hands on some books and tapes to show you how. Or, just do your own thing. Open your mouth and let out a crazy noise, a gentle tone, a cheerful word, or anything that feels right to you. If it feels good, wale it out there. Go ahead, give it whirl. Ready? UOOO, EEHH, AHH, WHA DE BOP. AWLL YEAH. Now does that feel good or what? As you can tell, I've done a little sound healing of my own. But, I'm not the wonderful singer my boys are. But that's ok. It isn't so much the words, but the resonance of the voice and good intention that brings about the healing effect. So go ahead. Experiment, have fun, and enjoy.

Music and sound healing has had tremendous healing affects on my children. It has even induced some healing laughter around the house. Whether your interest is in self-discovery, relaxation, healing or other, I strongly suggest you give music a try.

If you're interested in learning to play guitar, you can get FREE guitar software and lots more at tab guitar lessons. However, you don't have to play music in order to experience the benefits music has to offer. You can benefit by simply consciously listening to inspirational or relaxing music.

Experience the benefits of sound therapy through the vibrational healing one receives from didgeridoo music. Listen to the healing beats in Talidari's Wellness Collection at no charge.

Click the highlighted link for songs created specificly to provide inspiration and encouragement.

If you have any questions about any of the content on this site or have a healing story of your own you would like to share with someone or would like healing advice. Please feel free to contact us. All correspondence will be kept strictly confidential. So, please don't hesitate to contact us. It would be our pleasure to help in any way possible. I am a firm believer in people helping people. So, go ahead, ask away.

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