Consciously Listening to Relaxation Music

Consciously listening to inspirational or relaxation music and allowing the tones or words to enter into your soul can and will touch your need. When we consciously listen to uplifting music it can go beyond listening to reach emotions and pull us out of depression, fear, and hopelessness. Healing messages can be heard within the music that may help shed light on a dark situation and bring about laughter, joy, and peace helping us leave the past behind and move on to a better life.

Right now you may be thinking, "yeah right, how can music do all that." To fully understand how it all works we must look at how music effects the mind and body.

Sound is vibration. We are all systems of vibatory matter moving in rhythm and resonance to each other. Sound is vibration and vibration is energy. When we consciously listen, this sound energy is not only heard with our ears but also permeates through our skin, bones, and every cell in our body. Sound energy can directly effect the cells' receptivity to information and can synchronize the human body toward greater harmony and balance.

Understanding that sound is vibration and vibration is energy moving in rhythm makes it easier to see how the rhythmic pattern of sounds vibrate the body and activates stored memories. Once the memories are activated it allows the free flow of thoughts and images that can be analyzed , let go of, and released thus helping us move in the direction of a heathier, more fulfilling life.

In conclusion, let me just say, music is like a salve or ointment, once applied, it will heal the pain. Sorry, being a down home Kentucky girl, I felt compelled to put that country girl twist upon it to lighten things up a bit. Ha, Ha. Anyway, I'd like to suggest that you grab yourself a good inspirational or relaxation music CD such as a Hemi Sync, sounds of nature, or a gospel CD (whichever you prefer) and listen, really listen to it and experience the many benefits consciously listening to music has to offer. Have fun and enjoy your experience.

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