Experience the Benefits of Guided Imagery

Guided imagery is simply a flow of thoughts that you can see, hear, feel, smell, or taste in your imagination. It involves concentrating on images held in the minds eye and works with the connection between the visual brain(the visual cortex at the back of the head) and the involuntary nervous system.

Everything that is registered in our minds is registered in our bodies. Every thought we think causes a release of neuropeptides that are transmitted to all the cells in our body. Messages sent to your body through imagery are translated through the parasympathic nervous system into neurotransmitters that direct the immune system to work better, the endocrine system to rebalance, etc.

For instance, thoughts of love causes the body to release healing elements such as interleukin and interferon. Anxious thoughts causes the body to release immune surpressing elements such as cortisone and adrenaline. Peaceful thoughts release chemicals into the body to help it relax, adjust, balance, and return to a healthy state.

Guided imagery can help in the processing of bottled emotions, relieve chronic pain, addictions, persistent infections, heart disease, IBS, hypertension, shrink turmor growths, and even serious degerative illness such as cancer and AIDS have shown a positive response.

For relaxation and stress reduction you can simply recall a scene from your past in which you were happy, content, secure, and centered. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and picture yourself back there. Try to make the image bright and clear. Try to hear, feel, and smell the surroundings.

If you have an illness, take things a step further. Visualize your immune system as an energy force battling for your health. Join forces with your immune system by mentally envisioning the illness and imagining your antibodies and white cells attacking and overcoming it.

This guided imagery stuff may all sound a little far fetched for you. But, trust me it's no joke. It truly does work. There have been multitude of studies showing that you can directly stimulate your immune system increasing both natural killer cells and thymus activity.

To reap the benefits of visualization, its best to spend a few minutes a day practicing as opposed to spending an hour ever so often. The best time to practice is just before falling asleep and just after waking up. At these times the images pass more easily into your unconscious mind where it can relax your body and nervous system.

Guided imagery has powerful healing effects on the mind and body. I sincerely suggest you give it try. All you have to loose is a few minutes of your day. What you have to gain is a happier, healthier you.

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