Connecting With Nature, Making Herbal Healing Recipes, and More

Everyone should slow down and take the time to express with, connect with, become part of, and observe the infinite variety of Mother Natures ways. If you believe nature to be a hostile force or something separate from yourself, you will go through life unnecessarily cut off from one of the great sources of spiritual nourishment.

Connecting with nature can enrich your daily life, give you comfort, joy, and constant reminders that whatever thoughts you may have about yourself, you are also part of the beautiful natural world.

Nature is filled with an infinite supply of energy and unconditional love that can be realized if one gives themselves the time to truly absorb, and feel it. Not only does nature offer feelings of joy, peace, kindness, balance, and freedom, it can also provide us with inspiration and healing.

Because nature itself is made up of creative energy, it has the ability to stir up the individual creative energy within us. There has been a multitude of inspirational poems, songs, books, craft ideas, etc. that came to be through bonding with Mother Natures creative forces.

Some of us are under the mis-understanding that this inspiration comes only to those whom we precieve as gifted or talented. This my friend is exactly that, a mis-understading. We all have the same creative abilites as our creator when we allow ourselves to become one with the creative energy within and around us.

As I mentioned earlier, nature can also be very healing. Allow me to give you an example. You're sitting in nature next to the healing waters of a babbling creek consciously listening to the water as it flows over the rocks. You can feel your internal tensions and emotions begin to loosen and relax.

With continued consciousness of the environment around you, you're now beginning to feel the internal tension flowing out of your body much like the water flowing over the rocks. You've let go of stored tensions and emotions and now feel more calm and serene. You see, water not only provides cleansing for our body but a cleansing for our soul as well, especially when coupled with the power of our imagination. If you imagine it to be. It will be.

There are many ways in which one can connect with nature. You can go on nature walks, take your lunch break in a city park, do some gardening, etc.

One way I've found to be very nourishing for me mentally, physcially, and spiritually is in the gathering of herbs for making herbal healing recipes. Through my Naturopothy studies, I've learned to make

Medicinal Teas and Tinctures For:

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I find making herbal healing recipes to be exceptionally enjoyable and meaningful. But it is only one aspect of the healing power I find in nature.

Nature is a wonderful means of creative self expression. We express parts of ourselves in the way we inneract and nurture the plants in our gardens. We express our creativity in the way we create our gardens, our flower beds, etc. Have you ever taken notice of how some peoples landscaping looks like a work of art?

That is because when we inneract with nature, we make contact with our inner creativity. When we sit in nature we touch a part of ourselves that is peaceful and serene.

I take great pleasure in all aspects of nature. I could go on and on about how nature can enrich and nourish your life but to fully understand what I'm expressing here, you'll have to experience all the wonders for yourself.

So please, don't take my word for it. Go and check it out for yourself. Discover all that you've been missing and most importantly absorb and enjoy each and every experience.

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