Connecting With Nature

The poem below shows the power, love, beauty, and healing that can be experienced when truly connecting with nature.

As you read the poem, feel the poetry in motion, feel yourself connecting with nature, and the nature healing that comes from it. Happy reading!!!

beautiful cloud photo

                                          Unconditional Love

As I sit here in nature, I feel complete serenity.

I feel the wind flowing across my body as the continuous breath of life coming from a source much larger than myself for all things big and small.

The sun is a majestic blanket wrapping me in light and unconditional love.

I'm being serenated by the higher source with glorious music through a multitude of bird songs coming together in perfect harmony.

I can now feel this breath, glorious music, light, and unconditional love seeping through my skin and flowing through my body.

It is mingling with my very fibers , whispering to my heart and mind, and dancing with my spirit.

I am now being flooded with an overwhelming sense of joy, peace, completeness, wholeness, and the most extraordinary sense of love I have ever known.

In conclusion, I have come to know; we, all things, and all creatures are all inter-twined and part of this higher source; a whole.

May we all someday come together in a ceremonial dance to mingle and connect with one anothers spirit to get to know and honor the missing parts of ourselves.

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