Natural Quartz Crystal Balls

Wholesale Pricing- I've decided to sell at wholesale pricing so that the beauty, benefits, magic, and mystery of the natural quartz crystal ball that has been used for thousands of years is affordable for everyone.

These beautiful quartz crystal balls are NOT reconstituted. They are carved from one piece of naturally formed quartz crystal.

3" diameter with a circumference of 10 1/2 - 11" around.

natural crystal balls

Comes with a stand & a storage box.

Quantity & Pricing

More photos of these amazing balls.


natural crystal ball

These extraordinary natural quartz crystal balls are even more beautiful when sitting in front of you. Sometimes a picture just doesn't give it justice.

If you've always wanted a Natural Quartz Crystal Ball but it just wasn't affordable, You've come to the right place. We offer the best price on the web.

Please don't be fooled by those selling completely clear balls. They are either glass or reconstituted crystal and do not hold the energy or function as well as the Natural Quartz Crystal Balls.

Some people do throughly enjoy the energy of the completely clear Quartz crystal balls and they do work great for gazing and bringing good, positive energy into the home.

If you are interested in the clear, reconstituted Quartz crystal that's great but you want to make sure it is quartz and not glass.

We offer some beautiful Real Quartz Reconstituted Balls,the same size as our natural balls, at great prices.

Have a look!


Each ball comes with a storage box and a crystal stand.

Quantity & Pricing

Check out how clear these balls are & they are Real reconstituted Quartz.


Both the natural quartz balls and the reconstituted balls are currently selling for hundreds of dollars and are quite popular right now. Buy yours now and save or buy in bulk and start increasing your profits.

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