Healing Through Prayer and Meditation

You may have been led to believe meditation is something only Buddhist Monks or people with less crazed lives than yours can do. Not true. Meditation is easy. You too can teach yourself to heal through prayer and meditation.

Please don't allow preconceived notions or misunderstandings prevent you from giving meditation a try.

You may have tried meditation and stopped because you felt nothing special or thought you were doing it wrong. Preconceived notions about what meditation is may be getting in your way.

To begin your journey of healing through prayer and meditation try to avoid expectations that something monumental or a huge enlightening experience is going to occur. Simply aim for an increased awareness of your breath.

Meditation is kind of like building muscle. The repetitions with weights are not exactly exciting. But you know the ultimate goal is valuable. Please have patience with yourself and know if you feel better; a little calmer; more relaxed, then CHA CHING you're doing it right. More exciting experiences will come with practice.

I wouldn't want you to give up because healing through prayer and meditation can be powerful medicine. Scientific research reveals meditation boosts the intensity of relaxing alpha waves to levels not seen even during sleep. But, it can do more than just calm your nerves. There are many other healing benefits taking place in your body.

Benefits of healing through prayer and meditation

  • Research reveals it can be a huge money saver in medical cost due to the discovery that people who practice transcendental meditation have 80% fewer hospital admissions and 55% fewer visits to the doctor. WOW!!
  • Studies reveal meditation slows down aging. People who meditate live longer, healthier lives. I don't know about you but the slow down of aging excites me.
  • Lowers blood pressure by reducing blood vessel constriction.
  • The American Journal Of Cardiology conducted a study showing men with coronary artery disease were able to improve their heart rate, blood pressure, and work performance by meditating twice daily for 6-8 months. Many were able to stop their heart medications using only meditation as a life style change.
  • Meditation reduces arterial thickness and plaque linked to heart disease.
  • Improves chronic disorders like IBS, PMS, insomnia, mild depression, and tension headaches. Reduces PMS-what woman wouldn't be up for that-ha, ha.
  • Cancer and aids have also responded positively to healing through prayer and meditation.
  • Meditation reduces the brains response to pain by 40-50%. WOW! THAT'S BIG

Prayer and meditation is a great tool for over all mind, body, spirit healing. It helps you become more attuned to your thoughts, feelings, and desires which in turn brings improved creativity, clarity, energy, and vitality to your entire being.

If you have not tried healing through prayer and meditation before, have no fear. Here are some meditation tips to get you started. You may also want to try some healing breathwork techniques or perhaps experience the healing benefits of guided imagery or biofeedback. Also try listening to some relaxing meditation music as this will help deepen your state of relaxation. I would strongly suggest giving them all a try to see what most benefits you. You have nothing to loose and a whole heck of alot to gain. So what are you waiting for. Go ahead, give it a try and enjoy the many benefits.

For more useful information on meditation, postures, etc. visit chikung-unlimited also known as qigong, this 5000-year-old Chinese form of yoga covers tai chi, diet and nutrition, self-defense, breathing and nutrition. Benefits include health, well-being and inner peace. This is a great site with alot of helpful information to help you along your healing journey. Check it out and enjoy your journey through its pages.

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