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Self Healing through Creative Expressions is dedicated to providing information for improving overall health and well-being and self exploration methods for the purpose of personal growth and development, healing, and a higher self awareness.

Beautiful Sanibel Island Sunset

Beautiful Sanibel Island Sunset photos that will take your breath away. Explore nature's beauty!

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connecting with nature

connecting with nature brings forth the inspiration needed to write poetry as with this poem speaking of the serenity and wholeness found in nature.

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Guided Imagery

A multitude of studies have shown that guided imagery can directly stimulate your immune system increasing both natural killer cells and thymus activity

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The Healing Vibration of Color Therapy

Color Therapy carries vibration that connects with the body's vibration and can elicit a strong pschological response.

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breathwork techniques for natural health

Breathwork techniques for natural health is the conscious regulation of breath and is an increadible method of relaxation.

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Intuitive Spiritual Healing Through Art

We express through art by connecting to an inner creative energy that is in essence, our individual spirit. We can generate intuitive spiritual healing through art.

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Creative Expressions Newsletter

The Creative Expressions Newsletter offers monthy inspirational quotes, poems, site updates, special deals, etc.

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Healing Past Childhood Trauma

Writing can help us heal ourselves from past childhood trauma we may not have known existed within us. When we begin to write, our stored internal emotions come pouring out on paper.

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Bloodstone Crystal and Boji Stone Crystal

Bloodstone crystal is an excellent blood cleanser and a powerful healer.

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Self Expression Through Photography

photography can be extremely healing and can tell a story about you, the photographer. Self expression through photography is a wonderful means to generate self healing.

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Beautiful Orchid Flowers

Orchid flowers are known for their amazing beauty and their ability to ward off disease.

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Self Healing Through Creative Expression

Tap into your own innate healing abilities. Obtain self-acceptance, build self confidence and a positive self image by doing self healing through creative expression

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apophyllite and aquamarine-powerful healing crystals

Apophyllite Crystal is a powerful vibrational transmitter than enhances the energies in a room with its presence.

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Benefits of art therapy

Art Therapy encourages self discovery and emotional growth.

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Amazing Amethyst

Amethyst is an extremely powerful and protective stone with a high spiritual vibration.

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