Self Healing through Creative Expression

You have gained self-healing, self-awareness and made a connection to your individual innate creative abilities. How? You started your own self-healing treatment by means of self healing through creative expression. After years of neglecting yourself and ignoring your inner feelings and desires, you decided the time had come to begin your journey into self-discovery

No longer do you want to feel stressed out, hopeless, and stuck. You have the desire to discover your full potential, evolve, heal, and grow. Most importantly, you have a knowing that TIME INVESTED IN THE SELF IS THE GREATEST INVESTMENT ONE CAN MAKE.

What is creative expression?
Creative expression is the inner you waiting, wanting to come out. You see, we have our personality and our individuality. These are two completely different things. Our personality reflects who we are day after day in our humanness. Our individuality is an expression of our spirit in connection with our mind and body. Our individual spirit not only wants us to heal, but knows best what we need to express in order to heal. You might call it healing for your soul.

Of course we need a means of this inner creative energy to flow outward. There are many self-healing tools and techniques in which to do this. Some utilize creative writing while others connect better with music and sound healing, art therapy, photography, or other.

Heck, try them all if you want. Explore a little. Find what works for you. Whatever keeps your boat afloat and keeps you from sinking. Right? Right. Besides, it is through self-exploration that some of your greatest creative gifts are discovered.

Who has it helped?

  • People who are chronically ill
  • People who are over-stressed
  • People with eating disorders
  • Individuals who are chemically addicted
  • Sexually abused adolescents
  • Burn victims
  • Disabled people
  • Cancer patients
  • Victims of domestic violence
  • People recovering from surgery or trauma
  • People with emotional conflicts and others.

How does self-healing through creative expression help?

  • Helps in building self-confidence
  • Express hidden emotions
  • Anxiety and depression healing
  • Express unconscious concerns and fears
  • Helps in stress management
  • Increases self-awareness
  • Helps in releasing anger
  • Promotes intuitive spiritual healing
  • Helps in healing a relationship
  • Influences chemicals released from the brain
  • Privides an over all sense of freedom.

Self healing through creative expression is considered a safe complementary therapy to help people with both physical and emotional problems. Not only is it healing, it helps us to discover hidden gifts that we may not have known existed.

It helps us bring our innate abilities to the surface. At times, uncomfortable feelings may be stirred. No need for concern as this is considered part of the healing process.

Below is a list of other insightful, informative articles to help you along your Self healing through creative expression journey. Happy Reading!!

Self Healing Poems
Writing self healing poems and Putting words on paper allows your heart to pour out healing tears and transform them into smiles of hope

Music and Sound Healing
Through my personal experience, I feel I can help validate for you the legitimacy of music and sound healing or as most refer to it, music therapy. Music literally saved the lives of my two children. It's a real story of self healing through creative expression.

Intuitive Spiritual Healing Through Art
We express through art by connecting to an inner creative energy that is in essence, our individual spirit. We can generate intuitive spiritual healing through art.

healing through prayer and meditation
Healing through prayer and meditation allows us to calm our racing thoughts and tap an unlimited amount of creativity within us giving us the ability to achieve great things.

herbal healing recipes
connecting with nature through making herbal healing recipes, experiencing healing waters, or collecting stones can all enrich and nourish your life.

The Healing Power of Crystals
There is a certain healing power of crystals. They are powerful beings in their own right just as we are. If we approach them with respect, they will show us how to use them to enhance our life.

Poetry Of The Heart
Real life Poetry of the Heart for healing, inspiration, motivation, and self empowerment. Very moving and transformational.

Building Self Esteem Using Affirmation
An affirmation can not only help in building self esteem and increase confidence, it can help us eradicate disease and infection from the body.

Native American Healing / Drumming with Purpose
In Native American Healing practices, drumming is used in rituals, ceremonies, celebration, healing, and as a form of communication.

Spiritual Art
Spiritual art is not only beautiful, it is visually healing as well.

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Self Expression Through Photography
photography can be extremely healing and can tell a story about you, the photographer. Self expression through photography is a wonderful means to generate self healing.

Alternative Health Natural Healing Articles
Informative Alternative Health Natural Healing Articles covering a wide variety of Natural Healing modalities.

Natural Healing Resources
Natural healing resources for overall health and well-being. Healing through alternative medicine such as magnetic therapy, herbs, music and art therapy and more.

Creative Expressions Newsletter
The Creative Expressions Newsletter offers monthy inspirational quotes, poems, site updates, special deals, etc.

Creative Expressions Blog
The Self Healing through Creative Expressions Blog keeps you up-to-date with all additions and changes to the Web site. Subscribe here.

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