The Healing Benefits of Art Therapy

Art therapy allows us to visualize and then create the thoughts and emotions that we can't seem to express verbally. The artwork can then be viewed and interpreted for its meaning giving us some level of insight into our feelings allowing us to work through the issues in a constructive manner.

Art Therapy Benefits

Self Discovery - The act of creating art triggers a sense of relief and well-being through the recognition and acknowledgement of subconscious feelings. It may help us discover abilities we may not have known we had.

Personal fullfillment- The creation itself is a tangible reward that can build confidence and nuture feelings of self worth. Personal fullfillment comes from both the creative and the analytical components of the process again giving us a sense of overall well-being.

Empowerment- Helps individuals express emotions and fears that they were never able to convey through conventional means giving them a sense of control over these feelings. This not only offers a sense of empowerment but a sense of freedom as well.

Relaxation and Stress Relief- Art therapy can be a potent stress reliever. Stress is harmful to both mind and body and can weaken and damage the immune system causing such ailments as insomnia, Depression , high blood pressure, artherosclersis, and cardiac arrhythmia. It's easy to see how art therapy is both mentally and physically healing.

Physical Rehabilitation and Symptom Relief- The act of creating art helps individuals cope with pain. It helps promote physiological healing by helping them to identify and work through anger and resentment issues as well as other emotional stresses. It also helps ease fears caused from disease, an up coming surgery, starting over following a divorce, etc.

Overall, art therapy is a highly useful healing modality that helps progress us from unconscious distress to a conscious level where we can begin to heal and move in the direction of a more fullfilled and improved quality of life. Why not give it a try. The rewards are tremendous. Experience and enjoy.

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