The Healing Vibration of Color Therapy

 Color Therapy and Our Personality

White is the color representing purity, divinity, and spirit. It is made up of all the individual colors within the spectrum. So would it not be safe to say that individual colors such as red, blue, green, etc. are a representation of who we are in our humanness, a representation of the depths of human emotion?

Color carries with it vibration. When this vibration resonates with our body's vibrational current it can elicit a strong psychological response. It has a direct affect on our deep emotions and can bring forth feelings of joy, happiness, tranquility, etc. therefore is extremely healing.

Lets just say for example, you moved into a new home and the color of the living room area was all black and white. How would you feel sitting in an area like this? Cold, sad, tired, or perhaps even depressed? Now lets say we gave this room a face lift. We put up some colorful paintings and painted the room a nice, vibrant yellow. Now how do you feel? Happy, joyous, perhaps more vibrant yourself? The reason for this is the color yellow carries a vibrational resonance of confidence, practicality, happiness, and joy

Ok, now this leads me into another interesting topic of discussion. Why are different people drawn to different colors? Why do some love the color blue while others are not to keen on it at all? Believe it or not, our personality and color are very closely linked. To shed some light on this statement, let me just give you some color examples and the vibrational resonance of each. Then you can decipher for yourself the color of your personality.

Lets begin with the color blue. For some soft blue creates a healing, relaxing environment while others find it serenity enervating.

Pink is a high intensity color that creates more energy. Some need this while others may be intimidated by it.

Red is thought to stimulate the pulse and encourage conversation. Some like the color red. Others do not. Some seem to like it only at certain times depending on their mood. Ahh, you know, MOOD SWINGS. Ha, Ha.

Turquoise creates an optimistic outlook. If you're not a very optimistic individual, it could be very healing to try on this color. It may just prove to be very useful in overcoming obstacles.

Color can tell us alot about our personality. It can give us information on what we need to heal, what our goals are, etc. To find out more about your color personality, take Dr. Luscher's color test It only takes a few minutes and the information you'll receive is pretty dag gone valuable and VERY INTERESTING.

Using color therapy in your garden.               

You can use color therapy to create a garden that soothes, stimulates, delights, or does all three. Each garden color has its own spiritual quality and healing energy.

Green is the most soothing color. Shades of blue create a sense of calm and healing. Lavender also has calming properties but when coupled with indigio and lilac, it will lift the spirits. Pink is a good color to focus on if feeling tense or stressed. Red, yellow, or orange in the garden will lift low moods and help those suffering from lethargy or depression. White in the garden soulfully suggests tranquility.

I would suggest experimenting a little with your garden colors and pay close attention to your body's responses to each color. EXPERIMENTING IS SO MUCH FUN. ENJOY!!!

Using light and color therapy for the winter time blues.

In the winter time light levels are lower. This causes our energy to dip. The use of red in the winter gladdens the spirit and quickens the heart.

Using a light box in the winter eases Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a disorder that strikes in the winter when we are deprived of sunlight.

Light radiates energy and improves the natural healing process in the body. Different colors radiate different vibrational energy frequencies that link up to our cells generating healing and elevated moods. Color and light therapy helps in 85% of SAD cases.

So if you are experiencing the winter time blues, pick your color and enjoy the benefits color therapy has to offer.

If you're interested in reading more on color therapy, I would suggest visiting Amazon. They carry several books on the topic and are reasonably priced. Happy reading.

Wow! Just look at all the colors around the moon. I took this photo in my front yard years ago and to this day, I get a feeling from serenity by simply looking at it. Take a moment and pay attention to your body and mind when you look at it. What do you feel? And this is just a simple example of how color therapy can heal and enhance your life.

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