Meditation Tips and Techniques

The practice of meditation is not about suppressing thought, but surpassing it. One way to do this is by focusing on or counting your breaths.

Start by turning off the T.V. and taking the phone off the hook to avoid distractions. Ok, now find a place you can be comfortable either sitting or lying down. You may close your eyes of leave them slightly open whichever works best for you. Breathe slowly expanding your rib cage allowing air to fill your belly rather than shallowly from your chest. Begin counting your breaths. Inhale-Exhale=one breath. Count four breaths then start over again.

You don't want to count higher than four breaths as this will pull your attention to keeping track of your breaths rather than quieting the mind.

If counting your breaths doesn't seem to work well for you, try repeating silently to yourself a word, phrase, or mantra such as peace, love, oneness, or one of my personal favorites, Baba Lom Keeva Lom which means infinite happiness is everywhere. If thoughts tend to race through your mind, simply bring your focus back to your word or phrase.

To find a conscious peace of mind you may also want to try picturing yourself in a beautiful place. Try picturing yourself on top of a beautiful mountain with infinite happiness all around you. Feel the warmth of the sun upon you. Hear the birds serinating you with calming, peaceful music. Take in, absorb, and become part of the beauty in the vegetation surrounding you. Imagine the wind as it flows over your body carrying with it all the tension and stress stored within your body. Feel yourself becoming more and more relaxed as the tension and stress melts and flows outward and away from you. Ahhh. Doesn't that feel wonderful. It should be much easier now to quiet all the mental chatter that comes from the day to day activities and stresses.

You don't have to use a mountain top as your picture. You can picture a beautiful beach, a familiar creek bank, the hammick at the old farm house where you grew up, or any place that brings you a sense of calm. The choice is yours. Experiment, have fun, relax, and enjoy.

Give all the above meditation techniques a try and see what works best for you. Please don't get too caught up in whether or not you're doing it right. The fact is if you feel better when you're done, you're doing it right.

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