Powerful Natural Herbs for Weight Loss

Powerful Herbal Formula for Weight Loss
All natual herbs for weight loss listed below are in powdered form.

Poria Cocos-4%
Cascara Sagrada-5%
Fennel Seed-5%
Mustard Seed-8%
Licorice Root-8%

Fill size "00" capsules (can be found in your local health food or herb store)with the mix of the herbs listed above. Take two capsules three to four times daily.

The action of the herbs are as follows:
Kelp serves to normalize throid metabolism. The stephania, atractylodes, cleavers and poria cure edema and help dissolve fat. The cascara and rhubarb help normalize elimination. Echinacea and chaparral are detoxifiers. Mustard seed, cayenne, and ginger act as metabolic stimulants. The licorice and fennel are harmonizers and the watercress provides essential vitamin and mineral supplementation.

For greater effectiveness, you may also want to try drinking one cup three times a day of the weight reducing tea listed below.

Fasting Tea Formula

Ideal Bite

Violet Leaves
Chicory Root(roasted)
Anise Seed
Rose Petals

Mix equal parts of the herbal combination and steep one ounce in a pint of water.(dried herbs) You want to bring the water and herbs just to a boil, remove from heat, and allow to steep for 10-20 minutes.

Another good way to reduce weight is through enzymatic therapy. Enzymatic Therapy has shown tremedous results. Enzymes such as CoQ-10 and Bromelain are great for increased metabolism. You may purchase them at the healthy healing website. This site is highly recommended because of its reputation for providing good, quality products.

I truly hope the information contained within this page proves itself useful to you in some way. Have a wonderful time in preparing the formulas and good luck.

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