Herbal Remedy for Anxiety and Depression

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Nerve tonic for chronic ailments

This nerve tonic is used to treat chronic nervousness, muscular spasm, or emotional instability. The doseage is two teaspoons three times a day.

Using the herbs listed below, make a tincture by thoroughly mixing four ounces of herbs per pint of alcohol. Shake daily and allow to extract for two weeks. Then strain.

Black Cohosh-1 part
Hops-1 part
Lady's Slipper Root-1 part
Skullcap-1 part
Lobelia-1 part
Valerian-1 part
Camomile-1 part
Wood Betony-1 part
Hawthorn Berry-1 part
Ginger Root-1 part

You can prepare enough of the tincture to last for awhile as the alcohol works as a preservative. Store in a tightly closed jar.

All Purpose Nerve Tonic

As an all purpose nerve tonic, blend equal parts of:

Lady's Slipper
Wood Betony
Lemon Balm

If using powdered herbs, you would fill gelatin capsules(found in your local health food or herb store) and take two capsules three times a day. Or, steep two tablespoons in a cup of boiling water for ten minutes adding honey to taste. Drink one cup two to three times a day.

To promote memory and mental clarity

Gota Kola-3 parts
Calamus Root-1 part

Heat an ounce of the mixture in a half pound of clarified butter for 45 minutes. Strain and store for use. Take one teaspoon in a cup of warm milk with a little honey(if desired) twice a day.

You can also rebuild the nerves and relieve anxiety by taking GotuKola, scullcap, passionflower, or St. John's Wort extracts. There are two companies Healthy Healing and Native Remedies I highly recommend you purchase from them as they pride themselves on the development of good quality products. Have fun in preparing your herbal remedies and may you experience wonderful results from them.

Other Modalities that help with anxiety include:

Magnetic Therapy

Jewelry Making
Notice I included jewelry making and woodworking as a modality to help anxiety. Why? Because creative self expression is very healing and calming. I would suggest surfing around to get an idea of what interests you and give it shot. Enjoy your experience.

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