Herbal Remedy for Cancer As An Aternative to Toxic Drug Tamoxifen

Prior to going into the natural remedies for cancer and cancer prevention, I feel it important to first discuss the widely distributed synthetic drug “Tamoxifen” given to women for the prevention of breast cancer. During a short, aborted study period Tamoxifen showed positive results in the prevention of breast cancer. However, further studies conducted over a longer period of time revealed that the drug itself, a structural analog of DES(diethylstilbestrol), a “rip-roaring” carcinogen. It was also revealed that Tamoxifen could actually stimulate the growth of cancer cells after 2-5 years of use. The side effects include coronary embolism, deep brain thrombosis, uterine cancer, memory loss, thinning of hair & nails, and cataracts.

Never the less, Tamoxifen was approved for breast cancer prevention in 1998. The manufacturer, British conglomerate, Zeneca announced its plan for an aggressive mass-marketing campaign directed at women. Today, Zeneca reaps half its profits(more than $500 million annually) from the marketing of tamoxifen and sells it through eleven cancer treatment centers it owns.

The other half of Zeneca’s profits come from the manufacture of herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, plastics, and industrial chemicals, all of which are carcinogenic. Zeneca has a chemical plant located in Perry, Ohio that is the third largest source of potential cancer-causing pollution in the United States, emitting 53,000 pounds of known carcinogens into the air in 1996. Their top executives populate the boards of the major cancer treatment hospitals (such as Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center) while moving back and forth from the private sector of the NCI and FDA in a revolving door between government and industry.

Many of the giant chemical-pharmaceutical conglomerates, like Zeneca that produce chemotherapy drugs also manufacture carcinogenic agricultural and industrial chemicals. Think about this for a moment. These companies are filling their pockets through the manufacture and sale of chemicals that cause cancer and then turn around and capitalize on the people who have unfortunately developed cancer by marketing their chemo drugs, some of which (such as Tamoxifen) actually cause cancer. It sounds to me like their only concern is in maintaining their cash flow.

It’s no wonder the war against cancer is going so badly. All we have supposedly working for a cure are armies of paid scientist that produce nothing but doubt and uncertainty on behalf of the industries that would undoubtedly suffer if their were more of an emphasis placed on cancer prevention and making the public aware of alternative healing modalities.

Herbal medicine is an alternative healing modality that has been around for centuries in many different cultures. It has been proven effective throughout time but was suppressed for many years by the AMA, NCI, and the FDA. Why, because it was dipping into the pockets of the government, pharmaceutical companies, doctors, etc. The AMA (American Medical Association) was actually formed to stomp out natural health doctors. Today, it is still considered illegal for Natural Health Doctors and Practitioners to practice in their field of study unless they are also a licensed M.D., Chiropractor, etc.

Many medical doctors agree that red clover blossoms are a much safer natural alternative to the toxic drug Tamoxifen. Red clover blossoms have the same positive effects as Tamoxifen without the terrible side effects. Red clover blossoms contain genistein, an estrogenic isoflavone, along with three other compounds that mimic natural hormones. The four compounds together are synergistic at preventing or slowing down the development of cancer. These four compounds also prevent the formation of new blood vessels, cutting off the ability of a tumor to grow. The genistein found in red clover may block cancer at an early stage. By blocking a wayward cell’s growth at this early stage, genistein might give the immune system a better shot at destroying the cells.

Red clover has been prized by eclectics and found in folk tradition throughout history as an excellent alternative. It was said unquestionably to retard the growth of cancer when administered internally for a prolonged period and was given freely to those with a tendency toward getting cancer.

Healing Cancer Formula

The following formula contains some of the most powerful blood purifiers in the herbal kingdom along with rare Chinese herbs recognized as having anti-carcinogenic properties.

Red Clover Blossoms-6%
Cascara Sagrada-3%
Poria cocos(fu ling)-4%

Using powdered herbs, mix the above ingredients and fill size “00” capsules (found in your local health food or herb store). Take two capsules three to four times a day.

Cancer Tonic

Using powdered or dried herbs mix four ounces of herb to one pint of alcohol such as vodka, brandy, gin, or rum. Shake daily. Allow to extract for two weeks. Strain and take one teaspoon after meals and at bedtime.

Licorice-4 parts
Red clover blossoms-4 parts
Burdock Root-2 parts
Stillingia Root-2 parts
Barberry-2 parts
Poke Root-2 parts / may be difficult to get but formula can be made without it.
Cascara Sagrada-1 part
Prickly ash-1 part
Buckthorn Bark-4 parts

You May Also Benefit From:

Enzyme Therapy-the enzyme Protease between meals disolves the fibrin coating covering cancer cells allowing the immune system to detect and fight them.

Taking European Mistletoe helps repair DNA.

Maitake and Shiitake mushrooms improves the ability to fight cancer by tripling natural killer cell activity.

Turmeric-one teaspoon of turmeric sauteed in clarified butter or olive oil taken three times a day is a good way to address all kinds of side effects from chemotherapy. It protects your DNA, stimulates an enzyme that gets rid of toxins and protects healthy cells from cancer, keeps down inflammation, helps your phtyonutrients be evern better at fighting cancer than they are naturally, and fights bacteria.

Ladies please make yourselves aware of all the alternatives available to you and discuss your concerns about the side effects of Tamoxifen with your doctor prior to taking it. Do your own research if you have to. Most importantly, don't let anyone create fear within you that causes you to make a sudden decision without first asking your inner self what route you should take.

A good reliable source for the purchase of some of the herbal solutions mentioned above is the Forces of Nature website.

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