Herbal Healing Methods for Liver Health

Liver Tonic

If you are looking for herbal healing for liver health, this may be just what your looking for. It is a powerful liver tonic that helps rebuild the liver and is useful in recovering from hepatitis, liver sclerosis, and toxicity from a bad diet. The ingredients are as follows:

Oregon Grape Root-1 part
Wild Yam Root-1 part
Dandelion Root, raw-1 part
Licorice-one quarter part

Simmer three ounces of the herbs in one quart of distilled water for 45 minutes. Strain, bottle in a tightly sealed jar, and refrigerate. Take two tablespoons three to four times a day between meals. Do not add sweetening. If a sweeter taste is desired, more licorice content may be added.

Herbal Healing Method for Liver Ailments and Indigestion

This is a good formula for the treatment of cirrhosis of the liver, scrofula, indigestion, gas, and constipation. Mix equal parts of the powdered herbs:

Wild Cherry Bark
Oregon Grape Root
Cascara Bark
Dandelion Root
Wild Yam Root
Ginger Root

Mix all ingredients. Fill size "00" capsules. (found in your local health food or herb store) Take two capsules three times a day with one cup of dandelion root tea one half hour before meals to improve digestion or after meals to influence the liver and stimulate the secretion of bile.

Liver Clense

Hawthorn Berries-4 ounces
Red Sage-2 ounces
Cardamom Seeds-1 ounce

Bring the herb mixture and two quarts of water to a rolling boil, remove from heat and allow to steep for 24 hours. Strain and refrigerate in a tighly sealed jar. Drink two cups daily. Sweeten with honey.

Milk thistle seed extract, artichoke extract, and burdock root tea all also help improve liver activity.

Reishi or maitake mushroom extracts enhances liver vitality. If you would like to purchase some of these extracts, there are two sources I would suggest purchasing them from Healthy Healing and Native Remedies. These are two reputable companies that offer a wide selection of good quality products.

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