Inspirational Poetry of The Heart

Becoming One

Some of us feel anxiety when we're alone.

We become overwhelmed with the feeling of being alone, separated, and empty.

What we must realize is this feeling comes from being separated from ourselves.

Some of the greatest masterpieces were created in the silence through bonding with our creativity.

The best inventions were created in the silence through bonding with our intellect.

Some of the most famous statements came from the silence through bonding with our wisdom.

This void that we feel can not be filled by surrounding ourselves with friends, our family, changing the town we live in, or our job.

It is only through spending time with ourselves, becoming one with ourselves that we realize, we are never alone.

When we can achieve this, we can then spend time with our friends and family for no reason other than the pure enjoyment of it

rather than to fill a void within ourselves.

It's All About Love

Are you fed up with the way things are?

Do you feel like you're in constant turmoil, full of emotional scars?

Do you wish to free yourself from resentment, anger, hurt, and grief?

Do you wish to free yourself of old, hurtful beliefs?

The only way to do this, my friend, is to transcend those emotions into love.

This is the only way to the peace and harmony you are in search of.

The transcendence begins by looking at yourself.

Are there any changes needed to obtain this wealth?

Looking at yourself is sometimes extremely hard to do.

However, it is necessary to get in touch with the real you.

Now look back at all the situations that caused you pain.

Look beneath the drama for the lessons you were to gain.

Please understand my friend, everything we go through has an underlying purpose.

It's not to cause more pain and agony to surface.

It is spirit desperately trying to give you a clue.

Look at the situation through loving eyes and you will see it is true.

The people you thought were out to hurt you in some way.

In reality, had a part to play.

Part of a divine plan lovingly created just for you.

To help you heal and old wound or two.

All things that happen, happens out of love and care.

It happens to help you heal things you may not have known were there.

Spirt resides inside you, everyone, and all things.

Realize it, know it, live it, peace and harmony it will certainly bring.

I, myself, have come to this realization.

I know that it is love that can heal any situation.

Spirit residing within me is guiding me with words.

Pleading with you, take a moment, sit in quiet, and allow spirits voice to be heard.

Spirit is continually trying to free you from your discomfort and dismay.

Please take time to observe and listen. Allow spirit to provide the way.

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