A Mother Nature Poem for Realization

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Mothers Heart

It is a beautiful place in which we live.

We continuously take; never give.

Poisoning the blood running through our mothers veins.

Congesting the air she breathes for our own convenience and capital gain.

Defacing her body and soul.

While nurturing us her only goal.

Slapping the hand that feeds us.

Showing no consideration, respect, or trust.

We are breaking her heart in two.

The pouring out of tears should give us a clue.

Time to take responsibility for our reckless, irresponsible actions.

Or be faced with some crippling repocussions.

Loosing life as we know it will be the price we pay.

Allowing Mothers gentle nurturing to slip away.

Let us end these selfish acts of malice.

Help restore her to a happy balance.

I would like to ask all who reads this mother nature poem to please take the time to ask yourself if there is anything that you may unconsciously do throughout your day that may contribute to the distruction of our natural resources. If so, please try your best to change it. (littering, dumping, etc.) To be kind to Mother Nature is to take pride in the place in which we live.

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