Relinquish Hate and Greed for Peace

Poems of Peace

A Glorious Taste

The world is comsumed with hate and greed.

It's time we take a hard look at these monstrasities we seed.

A society hiding behind concrete walls.

People stuck in living like rubber dolls.

Bending and stretching to meet society's needs.

To superficially belong, upon each other we feed.

Drinking and spitting the blood of our brothers.

A self righteous attempt to dominate over another.

It's a battlefield of domination and power.

Creating a world gone sour.

Please open your eyes to the effects of this hate and rage.

Ultimately locking our souls in a rod iron cage.

Anger is not the purpose in dwelling here on earth.

Lets open our hearts to reveal compassions worth.

Use not your strength for domination and power.

Look into your heart and unleash the gentleness of the flower.

flower photos, nature, plants, gentle flower, fresh flowers, live plants

Use not your courage to command another.

Stand tall in the souls desire of a coming together.

Now unity, one culture, one crede, one race.

A beautiful loving world; a peaceful, harmonious place.

We can now look into the mirror to see our true spiritual face.

One glowing with beauty and compassion through having our hate and greed erased.

Oh what a more rewarding and glorious taste.

May each of us look at ourselves to determine the areas in our lives where we too can release some of our own hate and greed.

Inauguration of The Self

I sit in my surroundings with an attentive ear.

What do you suspose it is I hear?

A submerging into judgement coming from all around.

Strong, harsh words of a disheartening sound.

As I sit in contemplation as to why; How can this be?

In comes an enlightening perception making it clear to see.

These people aren't really engaging in judging anyone else.

It's quite contradictory as the true judgement is of the self.

People appear to be unhappy living in their own skin.

We need to get reacquainted with ourselves and become

our own best friend.

Learn to love ourselves and our power within.

Maybe in doing so, some of this indignant judgement will end.

With the inauguration of self acceptance and the judgement

beginning to cease.

Who knows, it could be the commencement of true happiness and world peace.

This is not unimaginable; it can truly come to be.

So lets open our hearts to discover self love to be the key.

This poem stresses the importance of learning self acceptance. When we can do this, we can and will let go of our judgements, hate and greed.

Our Name

Our society capitalizing on each others pain.

Life has become nothing more than a carnal game.

Everyone out for power and fame.

Living a life of pure disgust and shame.

One person trying to make a difference; the results the same.

Time to pull together.

Take back our name.

Try to make a difference or we're as much the blame.

No time to sit and complain.

Relinquish this hate and greed fast becoming insane.

Send it back to the place from which it came.

Making this world a peaceful domain.

Together out living the proverbial game.

Because PEACE, YEAH PEACE is our name.

We did not start our journey here on earth so far out of touch with peace, love, and happiness. Peace and Inner peace is however something we each long for.

It's time we pull together for the obtainment of it. We can all do our part by just being a little kinder, gentler to ourselves and others. This will create a loving shift within the universe.

Ok, I don't mean to sound as if I'm preaching to you or anything. That is not my intention. Forgive me. I hope you enjoyed the poems. If you enjoyed the hate and greed poems, please view my book, The Writings Of Tranquil Nights And Apathetic Days available at

Barnes and Noble. You may also read more by following the link (main poetry page) listed at the bottom of this page. Happy Surfing.

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