Inspirational Nature Poems

Nature Poems


The heart of the sun is pure and compassionate providing

us with the energy and warmth we require.

The heart of the moon is pure and compassionate providing

us light and sheltering us from total darkness.

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The heart of the earth is pure and compassionate providing

to us all that is needed to sustain ourselves.

To obtain peace in just being, we too must form a circle as does

the sun, the moon, and the earth.

We must circle back to the pure, compassionate hearts

we had as children.

Circle back to hearts free of judgements, sacrifices,

separateness, and self hate.

When we can do this, peace and happiness belongs to us.

Dancing Tranquility

I walk into the woods and sit down on a log.

I feel completely at home here sitting among the crickets,

surrounded by the misty fog.

I draw in a deep breath of the fresh, morning air.

I take time to reflect with what seemed to be an eternal stare.

I take notice of the birds wrestling with the leaves.

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I see a couple of squirrels playing in the trees.

The sun peaks through and dances all around.

The display is so breathtaking; I must keep my

feet planted firmly on the ground.

As I relax in the moment and put my mind at ease,

I take notice of the moisture glistening on the leaves.

I close my eyes to hear mother nature's lullaby.

The feeling is so peaceful, tears of joy I cry.

With these tears, I begin to see.

The Great Spirit is full of everlasting tranquility.

I know that unconditional love fills this beautiful land.

Always there to hold my hand.


With every root, there is a blossom desperately trying to make

its way to the surface.

Sometimes this may be difficult, as the roots may have become hardened.

Hardened by conditions, hardened by negative experiences,

and hardened by their surroundings.

This may hinder the flourishing of the beauty from within the core.

If they could adapt to the conditions, transcend the hardened

negatives, and become one with their surroundings, their hidden

inner beauty will then flourish.

They will grow into the beautiful, gentle, bright blossoms they

so desperately want to become.

And then, with the warm summer breeze, they will dance in

celebration of themselves with the knowing they are each beautiful,

wondrous entities in the whole of creation.

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