Healing The Inner Child through Poetry

Poems for healing the inner child

Have you ever sat and cried without knowing the reason why?
Have you ever wished you could grow wings and fly?
Fly away from all your pain and suffering.
Fly away to a place where you feel accepted and loved.
I remember my little bare feet standing on a dirt road as a child,
thinking that if I could run fast enough, stretch my arms out far
enough, and leap high enough, I could do it.
I could fly and the angels would not let me fall.
I remember dancing around pretending to be an angel,
beautiful wings and all.
I remember climbing to the top of a tree, getting so close I could
feel the angels' breath upon me, almost there, almost free.
If only someone would see me, believe in me, know me.
I'm on my knees now, someone please, please love me.
Hours later, I'm still here strolling through the woods.
Mommy please come find me.
Cradle me up in your arms and tell me how much you missed me.
It's getting dark now. I must find my way back to the house,
curl up in an unloved ball and fall asleep on the couch.
Tomorrow is another day. Maybe then, I will fly.
Tomorrow, maybe, I will touch the sky.
Days have now passed. And still, I can not fly to a place where
I will be loved and free.
But, the angels, they came to visit me.
They comforted me when I was scared, sad, or alone.
I could feel the love, although it was never shown.
Now, as an adult, I know the angels were sent to set my heart free.
Free from an echoing sadness and constant pain.
Free to be filled with spirits love.
The love I needed to pull me through.
The love that guided me when I was unsure what to do.
Thank you Great Spirit for the love you've given me.
Thank you for helping me, right now, in this moment, realize,
what I have always longed for has always been there.

It's clear to see how healing the inner child works in this particular poem. It started in a hurtful place but ended on a more positive note. Maybe the angels themselves were healing the inner child. Ya think. Hmmm, anything is possible.

A more in depth look at healing the inner child.

Memories Of A Childhood Miracle

I sit here pondering, searching for an answer as to why I have such a fear of failure.
It prevents me from trying to succeed.
I flash back to an eleven-year old girl.
I see my mommy sitting on her bed with my new one week old
brother nestled in her lap.
She tries to hold my drunken father back with one arm while clinging
to my baby brother with the other.
He takes another swing.
Next, I hear a blood-curdling scream.
The sound coming from my baby brother hurts my ears.
This is it. I'm a big girl now. Time to stand up to my greatest fear.
I rush in with all of my might.
Now is the time to put up my biggest fight.
I punch. I kick. I claw. I punch some more.
Leave them alone. You hurt my baby brother. Get off my mommy.
Whack, I fall to the floor.
I spring back to my feet and at it again.
Another shove, "Get in the other room, shut up, and get in bed."
What do I do now? I have to protect them. I'm not sure how.
I make my way to the phone on the wall.
I pick up the receiver to make the call.
A twelve gauge shot gun at my head, "I don't think so." "Don't you dare."
"Go ahead." "I don't care."
The gun pushes harder.
"Go ahead." "I don't care," I said with a piercing stare.
He lowered the gun and knocked the phone off the wall.
He turned and I watched him disappear down the hall.
I dropped to my knees and fell to the floor.
I'm so tired. I can't take any more.
Suddenly, I hear another hit or three or four.
Then, finally, he goes out the door.
I hear mommy crying and my stomach turns to knots.
I have failed her. I protected her not.
As I come back from this childhood flash, I realize this story
is not a tragedy.
It was merely a lesson created just for me.
It taught me how to pull out the inner strength I need.
The inner strength it takes in order to succeed.
Yes, I said succeed.
I now know I am good enough and strong enough to be successful for me.
I'm not a failure. In myself, I believe.

I chose this poem as an example for a couple of reasons. It reflects healing the inner child. It goes deep into childhood to uncover why in adulthood a sense of failure was held.

With this understanding and positive perspective taken from the experience, changes can now be implemented to generate personal growth.

This particular writing was also chosen to point out for you, a poem or writing does not have to rhyme. All one need do is open up and write from the heart. Write with compassion. Most of all, welcome and enjoy the experience no matter how uncomfortable it may feel in the beginning.

The healing, growth, understanding, and sense of peace that comes from it will be rewarding in the end.

So come on. What are you waiting for. Grab a pen and begin healing the inner child in you. Come on, experiment and have fun while you're doing it. It doesn't have to be completely painful to be healing. Writing for the pupose of healing the inner child helps in developing a positive outlook and a stronger sense of self awareness.

Please understand, you do not have to be a pro writer to begin healing the inner child. Your words can appear totally bland to someone else. But, remember, they are your hearts tears, sorrows, joys, and smiles. However, if you feel you would like to further develop your writing skills, you can get writing help.

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May your day be filled with smiles and laughter.

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