Healing Poems of The Heart

The Mask Of Wealth Unveiled

Always know who you are.

Remain eternally connected with the stars.

Your path is unwinding.

The ropes are unbinding.

The flow of freedom begins to soar.

You've unlocked another door.

The peace and love begin to flow from the core of your being.

Your eyes are wide open, you are finally seeing.

Seeing with a heart that holds a spirit.

This feeling is strong but you must never fear it.

Embrace it with all that you are.

Remember, you're the eternal star.

So go ahead and embrace yourself.

This is where you'll find your greatest wealth.

Can you guess what the healing poem above is suggesting?

Perfect Reflection

With the smooth delicate fluttering of a butterfly in flight,

I cry.

With the boldness and solidity of a rock,

I cry.

With a subtle kiss of the wind across my face,

I cry.

With the strength and courage of a tree standing proud,

I cry.

With the sweet flash of a smile from a small child,

I cry.

With the intelligent instinct of all creatures of nature,

I cry.

With the creative growth of natures vegetation and beauty,

I cry.

With an exhilarating song of two love birds basking in the sun,

I cry.

I cry with the discovery that the strength and beauty in all

these things is a perfect reflection of the strength and beauty in all of us.

I just love healing poems. Don't you? Do you feel up to reading another one? Alright here goes.


With every root, there is a blossom desperately trying to make

its way to the surface.

Sometimes this may be difficult, as the roots may have become hardened.

Hardened by conditions, hardened by negative experiences,

and hardened by their surroundings.

This may hinder the flourishing of the beauty from within the core.

If they could adapt to the conditions, transcend the hardened

negatives, and become one with their surroundings, their hidden

inner beauty will then flourish.

They will grow into the beautiful, gentle, bright blossoms they

so desperately want to become.

And then, with the warm summer breeze, they will dance in

celebration of themselves with the knowing they are each beautiful,

wondrous entities in the whole of creation.

If you would like to read more poetry, my poetry book, The Writings Of Tranquil Nights And Apathetic Days, may be purchased at Barnes&Noble.

Feel free to check it out. It is packed full of life poetry, affirmations, inspirational quotes, and suggestions to help guide the reader on their individual journey to self discovery, healing, and forgiveness.

Or, you can

direct from the Author signed and dated.

I truly hope you enjoyed the above examples of healing poems. If you truly enjoy poetry, return to the self healing poems page and check out the poetry links at the bottom of the page.

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