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Self-Healing Expressions is back, Issue #003 -- Releasing Stored Emotions
March 02, 2014

Releasing Stored Emotions

Creative expression is the inner you waiting, wanting to come out. You see, we have our personality and our individuality. These are two completely different things. Our personality reflects who we are day after day in our humanness. Our individuality is an expression of our spirit in connection with our mind and body. Our individual spirit not only wants us to heal, but knows best what we need to express in order to heal. You might call it healing for your soul.

Of course we need a means of this inner creative energy to flow outward. There are many self-healing tools and techniques in which to do this. Some utilize creative writing while others connect better with music and sound healing, art therapy, photography, or other.

We can also tap into stored emotions through connecting with our Inner Child by way of meditation and guided imagery. Both these articles along with other helpful information can be found on our website.

Other supportive links to help you begin releasing those old, hurtful stored emotions and begin Really healing are listed below.

My quote / question for the month that came to me out of nowhere is, How can we truly see the light of tomorrow is we are incapable of moving past the darkness of today?

I ask you to really think about this and come up with things / unexpressed feelings that may be holding you back and keeping you from having more light in your life. Grab some art supplies, musical instrument, put on some music and dance, or whatever you feel will help you bring forth those emotions and get them out of your body. Give meditation a try or a least read about it to determine if it may be helpful for you. Heal and enjoy your expression while doing it!

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