Are you Listening to Your Silent Whispers?

Silent Whispers

We have fallen to the grips of society.

Completely out of touch with the expression of our almighty.

Being lead like a team of horses.

No attention paid to the creative forces.

We ignore our true desire because of society law.

This law screaming loud whilst the whispering spirit;

an unheard call.

The whispers remain unheard.

We continue to follow the herd.

And so it is, a world still full of chaos, unchanged.

Some hear the silent whispers and wish to rearrange.

Sometimes it feels hopeless in a world consumed by fear.

Afraid to listen and let their true self appear.

Still we push ahead in our mission.

In hopes that people will begin to listen.

Listen to their hearts and know they are each an expression

of pure love and joy.

To continue this expression for most unthinkable;

unimagineable; a ploy.

Please understand the words following and open yourself to allow

them to be contemplated.

We are not a particular culture, race, gender, class, group,

sexuality, or lifestyle.

We are beneath it all Pure Love....Period.

I hope you enjoyed the Silent Whispers poem. We all have within us an inner nudging, instincts, or intuition. If we begin to pay attention, the inner whispers will be silent no more.

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