Healing & Growth through Self Reflection

Self Reflection

There is only one individual holding me back from all that I desire....


It is time to stop creating situations to block my own path.

I must have faith, love, and trust in the inner depths of who I am.

For I know, this is my highest self desperately trying to provide me guidance.

I must have the courage to accept and act on the messages I receive.

To reject and deny this is to reject and deny love for myself in my highest state.

It is to reject and deny my spirit self, my god self.

As I sit here writing this, I realize, I have only scratched the surface of who I am at the core.

For when I break through the surface scratches, I will be befriended

with true love, compassion, and courage that can not and will not be denied.

My true love for myself will then be incapable of being tainted or tarnished by anyone, anything, words, actions, or reactions.

It will just be.

If I can allow myself to just be, the day to day

activities and events will become less complicated in this

journey called life.

This particular self reflection poem points out how we block our own paths with our individual perceptions. We block our paths by letting another persons viewpoint of us affect how we view ourselves. Learning to just be allows us to reflect upon and accept ourselves for who we are.


I am in a state of desperation.

Desperate to explore.

Deperate to experience.

Desperate to discover the feeling of dreams come true.

I feel restricted by time, restricted by work, and most often, restricted by myself.

My fear of dreams not coming true puts restraints on me and

actually prevents my dreams come true.

If only I could shake the need to belittle myself.

Shake the feeling of no matter what I do; it will never be good enough.

If I can do this, windows would rise, door would open, and the

new road I begin to walk would show promise.

My explorations would be exciting.

My experiences grand and my dreams reality.

This is a self reflection poem showing what we do to ourselves. It reveals the judgement we have of ourselves that prevents us from ever trying to move forward. This my friend is something we must all heal from. We are all wonderful, creative beings and it's time we realize it and stop hindering ourselves.

Natural Growth

You know, I realize. Life is only as difficult and challenging

as we allow it to be.

We are in control of our though patterns. We can change

them to go in any direction we want them to.

We decide whether we want to be happy or sad.

We decide if we want to live life angry or peaceful.

We cannot blame others for our actions or reactions.

It is us who makes the decision as to how we will react

in a given situation.

To continually blame others is to never experience

growth within ourselves.

To grow is to have the capability to look at ourselves

and assume responsibility for our actions.

To grow is to learn from our mistakes and handle

a similar situation in a better fashion next time around.

Growing is an expansion of ourselves, a broadening of

our perception, a deeper connection with ourselves.

When we can open our hearts to our own selves,

maintaining a positive, healthy thought process becomes natural

Again, words definately expressing self reflection. This particular piece shows the importance of relizing ones role in how things play out in ones own life. It clearly states the fact that we all have choices in how we will react and percieve situations.

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