Self Empowerment Poems for Regaining Personal Power

Following are self empowerment poems based on uncomfortable life circumstances that eventually led me to an understanding of the importance of one's personal power and choices.

Rising Integrity

I will no longer live in a state of apathy.

No longer will I live with this hollow silence, this numbness that deadens my body, my mind, my spirit.

I will rise, rise to reclaim my personal power, reclaim my choices, and reclaim my identity.

I want to experience living my reality, speaking my truths, making my own personal choices, and most importantly, I want to experience myself.

For it is myself I am in need of.

Myself I have been longing for.

Myself, I must explore.

It is I who holds the key to that unlocked door.

To door to self-discovery, self love, self-reflection, and realization.

No longer will it be a state of apathy that you see.

For I now realize, my personal choices and power belongs to none other than me.

Self Empowerment Poem-No Sacrifice

We sacrifice ourselves to obtain love.

We sacrifice ourselves in our work hoping to rise above.

Above what? To obtain what? To become a materialistic sap.

Eventually it cathches up to us, we're overrun by emotions with tears dripping in our laps.

We sacrifice ourselves for work, our spouse, our family, friends, and children.

When and where will the love for ourselves begin?

If we cannot love ourselves, we are nothing more than an eternal echoing emptiness, just existing.

It is true peace, love, and happiness we are resisting.

It's time to stop sacrificing and discontinue our self-hatred.

We must stop this insanity. This behavior we must forbid.

We are all beautiful and have a special place on earth.

It's time we open up and realize our worth.

It is ourselves we must explore.

We must remain true to ourselves and sacrifice no more.

Being in love with ourselves is how it is meant to be.

When we can do this, we are finally free.

This is not only a self empowerment poem, it is a poem teaching us that what we may have thought was important in life maybe isn't. It teaches us the importance of self-love and happiness over materialism.

Self Empowerment Poem-Merging Into The Unknown

I'm here visible, in plain sight.

Yet unseen, unheard, non-existant.

Sometimes just a mere shadow that everyone close to me knows will always be there.

Give me color, give me form, acknowledge me why?

I'll always be there.

Fulfilling wants, fulfilling needs.

When it comes to shape and form they choose a different seed.

Whilst upon me they feed.

Do they ot feel I have more to offer than material things?

I have a loving heart and try to be a peaceful being.

Yet their eyes remain closed; they are not seeing.

Maybe the time has come to make a change in the company I keep.

Play, fast forward, delete.

Propel myself forward into a new space with persistance.

Rid myself of this shadow existance.

This self empowerment poem shows us that at times it may be necessary to let go of relationships in order to move forward and grow. It points out the fact that we do not have to allow ourselves to be taken for granted.

If you are interested in reading more self healing poems along with affirmations, inspirational quotes and suggestions to help one along in their healing journey, please feel free to take a peak at my book, "The Writings Of Tranquil Nights And Apathetic Days" available at Barnes & Noble.

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