Beautiful Magic Lily Photos

The below Magic Lily Photos were taken as a means of healing and relaxation through photography. Taking photographs of nature and wildlife brings about a sense of calm, peace, and serenity that is beneficial for overall well-being.

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I love the unique color of these particular photos. Look at how the internal parts just jump out at you. Can you tell how amazed I am with nature? Nature is a wonderful thing and we are all a part of its wonder and beauty. I would advise anyone who is looking for a little stress relief and relaxation to spend some quality time in nature. You will find the results to be extremely satisfying.

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This is a nice close up shot showing the detail of the flower.

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The photo below was taken at a different time during the season. It, in my opinion, doesn't have the same vibrance as the other Magic Lily Photos.

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I am by no means a pro photographer. But, I can share with you the pure joy and relaxation it brings me when I go out and spend time with and connect with nature. It offers such a wonderful feeling of oneness and freedom.

If you find yourself interested in trying your hand at photography and do not yet have a camera, I would suggest visiting,, or Sony Image Station. They each have quality products to choose from at great prices.

Have Poster Size Prints made of the photos you've taken and hang them on your wall. Show off your creative self expression. They are great to frame and give as gifts as well.

What ever you decide, do yourself a favor and allow yourself to absorb and enjoy your every experience because after all, Life is an Experience!

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