A Message From Great Spirit

When this message came to me early on a Saturday morning, I felt compelled to get up and write it down as I truly believed it was a message from Great Spirit meant to be shared. I jumped up and began writing it all down with as much detail as I could remember.

Sometimes we receive messages from Great Spirit and can't seem to remember the full detail. So, I'm sure some of the finer details may be missing but the major point of the message is intact.

A Message From My Heart To Yours

Today, I have concern in my eyes and in my heart.

As I look upon humanity, it seems common practice for the

delicate color purple to evolve into a fierce red.

It's like cannibalism only we're feeding upon ourselves.

We feed our fears with more fears, give our choices to have

fewer choices, our power for no power, and criticize ourselves

to a point of complete self-loathing.

As we continue eating ourselves from the inside out, our non-fictions

become fictions.

We lose sight of who we are and become out of touch with any

hopes or dreams we once had.

We are now hopelessly entangled in the red.

Our only challenge in this fiction life seems to be in being able

to continue to harness these harsh emotions we have embedded

in our hearts and in our minds.

We grow tired and weak and weaker, and more weak, in this place of red.

We continue to sink into a bottomless pit of hopelessness feeling

it impossible to pull ourselves out.

Many have fallen victim to this horrid place.

But, you do not have to become one of them.

You can make a choice for yourself to begin untangling

that web you've woven for yourself.

You can begin releasing your fears, taking back your personal power

and freedom of choice.

You begin to recognize and understand your non-fictions and accept

them whatever they may be.

You will begin to see yourself in a new light.

Gradually, with each passing day, you will find yourself closer and

closer to living contently, joyously, peacefully in the delicate

color purple once more.

I believe part of the Great Spirits message here was informing us that we create our own hell through our thoughts, emotions, and feelings.

Great Spirit is reminding us of our true selves. We are spiritual beings. It is our ego minds that place us in a feeling of hell and hopelessness. To truly live life happy, content, and peaceful, we must live from our hearts.

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