Flowers Photo Gallery-Spider Flowers

Flowers Photo Gallery - Featuring Spider Flowers

Photography is a great means of self expression. It expresses the inner person, his or her likes and dislikes, who he/she truly is, etc. For example, this upclose photo shows the picture taker connects with the intricate, delicate parts of the flower. Humm, what might this tell us about the individual who snapped this picture? It appears the inner person is of a gentle nature. What do you think?

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Notice the unique color difference in these two flowers. One photo was taken in the morning and the other in the afternoon. The petals become even darker at sunset.

Spider flowers reach an amazing height of four feet and never topple over. They are self-seeding meaning they can spread pretty rapidly and are of great benefit to other flowers in your flower bed.

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Can you see why these flowers are also known as grandfathers whiskers?

These amateur photos really do not do these unique flowers justice. They are one hundred times more beautiful up close and personal.

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You may have also noticed the unique leaves. Prior to developing its beautiful bloom, some have mistaken this beautiful flower for Cannabis because of its leaf structure.

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OH, by the way, the proper name for this flower is Cleome. If interested in forming a butterfly garden, this is the perfect flower for it. You would be getting the beauty of the flower, the beauty of the butterflies, and a benefit to your surrounding flowers.

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I hope you enjoyed this little flower photo gallery of Spider Flowers. If interested in learning more about spider flowers, visit this article at Look Smart.

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Are you interested in beginning a healing journey for yourself? Please give photography a try. As I mentioned earlier, it has many healing benefits and is a highly enjoyable hobby that gives you a tangible reward for your efforts.

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