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Creative Expressions, Issue #001 -- Overcoming Challenges
April 24, 2007
Life offers us challenges as lessons and as a means to obtain growth. If we look at our challenges with this perspective, we can easily see a situation for what it is and why it is.

Smile in the face of adversity for with it comes much growth and understanding.

Life without challenges becomes stagnant and growth will never prevail.

An angry heart stifles the spirit

How can we truly see the light of tomorrow if we are incapable of moving past the darkness of today?


Fear is the most debilitating, degenerative, life threatening disease known to man. It carries with it the greatest amount of human suffering as it keeps us alive yet dead inside.

Fear prevents us from experiencing our souls desires keeping us in inner turmoil or in a numb state of being.

Fear keeps us in denial of our true self and prevents us from achieving all the things we aspire to do or become.

Let us not allow fear to become our enemy but rather our allie. Let us work with it in order to move past it so as to become all that we are.

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